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Celebrating a 28% reduction in physical violence in Newham

24 July 2018

Newham celebrated a 28% reduction in physical violence incidents as a result of the violence reduction collaborative. The service is now moving to Quality Control. Read more about their journey in this blog by Improvement Advisor Emma Binley. Newham’s violence reduction collaborative began in June 2016, when all the wards came together to discuss the… Read More

Evolving the Quality Wheel: What happens when a QI project finishes?

24 July 2018

In this blog, Improvement Advisors Emma Binley and Francisco Frasquilho detail the transition from Quality Improvement to Quality Control through the examples of projects in Tower Hamlets and City & Hackney. Taking part in a QI project can bring many resources and opportunities for learning as well as a host of challenges around changing systems,… Read More

Why is Quality Control important?

18 July 2018

Why should we be worrying about Quality Control in healthcare? In this blog, Improvement Advisors Anna Smith and Nynn Chang explain the basics. Understanding Quality Control (QC) can be tricky for those of us working within healthcare, as most of the available literature and working examples relate to other industries such as manufacturing and production…. Read More

From Quality Improvement to Quality Control

22 November 2016

By Auzewell Chitewe, Senior Quality Improvement Lead An inevitable question a Quality Improvement (QI) project team will ask themselves at some point is: “When can we say we have achieved our aim and close our project as ‘complete’?”. Some projects close without achieving their aim because the initial aim is no longer achievable due to… Read More

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